[ RadSafe ] Nuclear technology will overcome opposition. Autos and fire did

howard long hflong at pacbell.net
Mon Mar 5 11:48:53 CST 2007

I like this positive persistence for nuclear technology.
  Autos and fire also had strong opposition.
  Howard Long 

Pete_Bailey at fpl.com wrote:
> Let's continue to
> develop and implement new
> technologies to approach 100%, even though we will
> never get there. There
> will always be some risk. Let's keep minimizing it.

Ya know, the above phrase like the "anti-nukes"
push against nuclear power . . .

Spend lots of resources reducing an ever decreasing risk....

Oh, as for "I have no problem paying a little
more on every ticket I purchase."
With all due respects,,,"you" purchase or "the company you work for
you don't need to answer....
As a 'common consumer' , the gradual increase in cost
of everything is narrowing my world of non-essential spending....
OK, gots to get back to Rad stuff....

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