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You might remember that especially in the 80's and early 90's hijacking was
a kind of everyday event. This did not only include Muslims, but to a much
higher extent all from Russians to escape to the West, Cubans forcing
deviation to Cuba, members of the German RAF to liberate imprisoned members,
etc. etc. This terror has declined to zero as far as I know. 

Other forms of terror have involved, but this seems to be a shortlived one -
do not claim it to enhanced "security". 

My personal opinion then and also nowadays: If the mass media would not have
covered these events and especially the politically motivated ones to such
an event no terrorists would have any more used this potential blackmail. 

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You are correct.  I should have said that "this new wave  of terrorism will 
pass and be replace by another."  At the beginning of  the 20th century, 
Anarchism was the new terrorism. It will be replaced by a  new one.  One can
argue that the treat of nuclear warfare was a form  of terrorism, which is
it was called  MAD.

I can fully agree with that statement above. 
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