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Fri Mar 9 14:21:53 CST 2007

Thanks Jim,
    For helping me emphasize that this paper addresses only Range of Motion 
(I took a moment to reread it).  And Barbra and I are taking the 
investigation one step further to see if there is any blood response (SED, 
CRP, etc.) that goes along with the mobility improvements.  You know I've 
been talking about a project like this for years.  We'll be doing that this 
summer with the help of a local physician - and as our meager personal funds 
allow (funding from Pat and Barbra)!        pat.

Patricia Lewis
Free Enterprise Radon Health Mine
Boulder MT USA

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Hi John,

In the science literature, you'll find that pain research produces results 
that are, scientifically, neither "subjective" nor "anecdotal."  And this 
paper addresses range of motion.

As stated in the paper, larger studies are needed; and perhaps in a larger 
potential population there could be stricter criteria for subject inclusion 
for subject comparisons.

Regards, Jim Muckerheide

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