[ RadSafe ] Radiation Events Medical Management Site

Gaglierd, Tony TGaglierd at achd.net
Sat Mar 10 20:39:22 CST 2007

Great Site. Much Good information collected in one easy to access and use

Must have taken a great deal of time and effort. 

Having been in this game for many years, and having been around when the
game was called Civil Defense and being a Radiological Defense Officer, the
Nuclear Weapons Section looks like the old Cold War, Civil Defense
Radiological Training material with 21's Century Spin on it. 

Instead of talking about Droping the Bomb Now it's Dirty Bomb, and Terrorist
Improvised Nuclear Device. 

A prompet criticality device is still a promptet criticality device. 

In stead of Megaton weapons there talking about kiloton devices. 

Same effects, smaller circules. 

I used to do this, draw the effect circles on a map figure out the damge and
the dead. 

The only thing the site lackd is a section for Bert the Turtle. 

Duck and Cover is the Top Down loaded video on the web. 

The more things change the more they stay the same. 

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