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You and others will be interested in the following message and the 

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Follow up with author if interested.

Patricia Lewis
Free Enterprise Radon Health Mine

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> Jaro,
> It seems that Health Canada is using the LNT hypothesis of radiation
> carcinogenesis to predict lung cancer risk.  Unfortunately, they are using 
> a
> positive slope instead of the observed negative slope (see attached slide 
> 1
> pCi/L = 37 Bq/m^3).  It seems Health Canada got the wrong answer.
> When Vera and I were at the Free Enterprise uranium mine in Montana a few
> years ago, we stayed in 1650 pCi/L of radon for at least 30 hours.  I 
> think
> this exposure is about one working level month that uranium miners are
> allowed each month.
> Jerry
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