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Here's one that used x-rays.
There are many more ...

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> Jim,
> Yes, it should be subjective.
> Rather than larger studies, physiological parameters
> should be measured.  Are you aware of any radon
> studies that evaluated such factors as antibodies,
> lymphocytes?
> --- "Muckerheide, Jim  (CDA)"
> <Jim.Muckerheide at state.ma.us> wrote:
>> Hi John,
>> In the science literature, you'll find that pain
>> research produces results that are, scientifically,
>> neither "subjective" nor "anecdotal."  And this
>> paper addresses range of motion.
>> As stated in the paper, larger studies are needed;
>> and perhaps in a larger potential population there
>> could be stricter criteria for subject inclusion for
>> subject comparisons.
>> Regards, Jim Muckerheide
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