[ RadSafe ] Fw: New Mexico DU bill needs vets to testify

Roger Helbig rhelbig at california.com
Tue Mar 13 05:54:30 CDT 2007

This is how the DU testing legislation has spread from state to state - and eventually, they will convince the world that using it to kill tanks a few years ago was a war crime - this probably explains Herbert Reed's speaking tour to New Mexico

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Subject: [NoMoreDU] Fw: New Mexico DU bill needs vets to testify
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  Subject: New Mexico DU bill needs vets to testify

  TO: those interested in state-level DU testing bills
  re:   new bill in New Mexico, NM area vets to testify
  This was sent to a member of Maui Peace Action.  The contact name below is a Taos Peace Action member.  Please contact her if you can help them connect with veterans.  Thanks.
Mele Stokesberry
    A member of Taos Peace Action has written legislation to get all returning vets from Iraq (Gulf War and current one) into a voluntary pilot program for depleted uranium testing. It looks like it has good sponsorship in both house and senate, both major parties represented. We went down and leafletted at the State Capitol building, talked to some legislators, etc. last Weds. 
  If you and Arnie know any Iraq vets (in some kind of connection to the book, I guess) who might be close enough to us geographically to be invited to testify when the bill gets to committee, please contact them with my number or me with theirs--whichever seems more respectful or suitable.
  Susann McCarthy
susann at taosnet.com

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