AW: [ RadSafe ] Societal Cost vs Patient Power for Pain Relief withRadon Spa .

howard long hflong at
Wed Mar 14 14:08:55 CDT 2007

Therapeutic radiation exposure (as in the USA Health Mine, Dutch spa, etc),
 when by choice, does have greater placebo effect than when ordered, I believe.
  Franz is correct that if the physiotherapy or other confounders were different, 
  scientific study would require equalization. Heat and movement are famously effective, in relieving the pain and immobility of rheumatic joint inflammation, as he describes.
  While studying radiation hormesis, I am convinced so far of its value that I dream up ideas to utilize sources like used power plant rods aged and diluted in house foundations, to improve the public health, when the evidence becomes indisputable. But even then, I believe in applying ALARA for those who do not choose that treatment, as with any other in a relatively free society.
  Howard Long 

Franz Schönhofer <franz.schoenhofer at> wrote:
  Dear Howard,

You know, that I am not a fan of your theories..... On the other side you
never have been deeply offended, when I sent something that might have been
regarded harsh as a reply to your messages. Thank you! Other RADSAFERs do
not exercise such a patience, but are very eager to accuse one of being
anti-US and reminding that somebody (A.H.) was borne in Austria (no excuse)

Now to your mail: I am not at all experienced in this kind of treatment.
Since the Boeckstein tunnel, the radium (radon) water cures, and all of the
Bad Gastein and Hof Gastein area is well known - obviously worldwide - as a
spa and in winter additionally as a famous skiing resort (where obviously
sick people will not ski down at the steep slopes....) are a very important
part in the economy of this region. 

I have never been there, but I would like to draw your attention to the
fact, that patients going there might be treated by so-called radon baths
(using water with enhanced radon concentration), some are even drinking
water with enhanced radon and Ra-226 concentrations. I have never been
interested in this part of medical science, so I cannot give any exact

What I experienced about ten or fifteen years ago, when I had terrible
problems with my knees, was that physico-therapeutical measures not only
improved my problems, but simply let them disappear without any radon. 

Regarding Bad Gastein I know from good friends and even my own mother, that
all those therapeutical measures mentioned include "radon therapy" and are
applied simultaneously. I do not know, how to distinguish the different
effects. I do not know of any "double blind" tests, but probably these have
been avoided in order to claim the health effects of "radon therapy". I am
open to any arguments proving the contrary.

Since my mailings are monitored obviously on request by some US-American
hardliners, one of which did not even bother to "accuse" me (!!!) that Adolf
Hitler was born in Austria you might face some delay in reaching this
message to RADSAFE. 

With my best regards,


Franz Schoenhofer, PhD
MinRat i.R.
Habicherg. 31/7
A-1160 Wien/Vienna

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