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---Whether or not "scientific consensus" is an oxymoron, the global  warming 
people have sold it to the media and to the public as though it is the  truth. 
I am suggesting that we take advantage of their successful "sell". If  the 
media and thr public now believe that the scientific consensus is close to  "the 
truth", that could be a powerful tool for us.

Yes true BUT is this different in some moral way than what the anti  nuke 
folks do with the "public perception of radiation? 
Science should take the road at all times yes? 
I used to be of the mind set that was in total agreement of what you said  
but I've come to decide that I as an individual won't stoop to the level of my  
My overall take on "global warming" is that of course the growth of man has  
an impact on the planet it is after all an ecosystem hence all things in that  
system affects the operations of that system, we DO and have sent a lot of 
bad  things out into the environment and there at some point has got to be a  
balancing act by Mother Nature and she can for want of a better term be one hell 
 of a bitch. I however do not buy that in 20 years and the like all life will 
end  and so fourth as some ultra extreme eco types will purport. I agree that 
they  sold it to the public at large for the most part and if you look at 
advertising  by say the big oil guys you see they see that they have bought in to 
it as well.  I however won't exploit those "fears" for the purpose of nuclear 
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