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howard long hflong at pacbell.net
Fri Mar 16 18:30:50 CDT 2007

If coal is fossil fuel it is biomass, formed from plants that took up CO2 from the atmosphere. Burning coal  (or corn ethanol or sugarcane or waste paper) does not then add to atmospheric CO2 in the long run.  Correct?
  However, "Deep in the earth, pressure is forming hydrocarbons faster than we can use them, from limestone - abiogenic oil." (Penner -- DDP meeting '07)
  Anyone skeptical of global warming - carbon tax "certainty" and "consensus"? 

  Howard Long
"Bernard L. Cohen" <blc+ at pitt.edu> wrote:

RuthWeiner at aol.com wrote:

> . Forcing a state like New Mexico to get a fraction of electricity 
> from "renewables" (including biomass which produces more CO2 per BTU, 
> not less, than coal) does nothing except make electricity more 
> expensive. And so on.

---Burning biomass does not add any net CO2 to the Earth's 
atmosphere, because the CO2 it emits was originally removed from the 
atmosphere in growing the biomass.
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