[ RadSafe ] The Great Global Warming Swindle

Blaine Howard blainehoward at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 19 19:28:31 CDT 2007

Dear Dr. Long, 
  I appreciate your note.  I have enjoyed reading your
comments  on important radiation matters and know you
express sound judgment.
	In considering the effects of CO2 on Global Warming,
I think that it is wise to be cautious.  I used to
tell those I trained for radiation work at a low level
waste site, “If the health effects of low dose
radiation is so small that the experts can't agree
whether it is harmful, beneficial or zero, then it is
too small to worry about.  Worry has its own negative
health effects.”  
	This also reminds me of EPA's actions concerning
radon in homes.  They sent video's to state radiation
control programs flashing “danger” and skull and
cross-bones in an attempt to alarm the public.  They
wanted them to be passed on the the local TV stations,
but I refused to cooperate in their scare tactics. 
They treated the radon and lung cancer as an emergency
situation, when there is a latent period of about 30
years for lung cancer.  When Dr. Cohen's study showed
a clear negative correlation between radon
concentrations and lung cancer mortality, they refused
to accept the results and are still refusing after
more than 10 years have failed to explain their
	Now, the IPCC and Al Gore are trying to treat Global
Warming as an emergency, when the temperature has
risen only half a degree in a hundred years.  The US
government spends many years to study a topic to death
before making a decision.  Why can't we spend a little
time studying Global Warming and make sure our
response, if required, is in the right direction. 
After all, EPA's radon remediation program may be
producing more cancer not less, if radon actually
helps prevent lung cancer.  If we act to reduce
industrial development and curtail development in
underdeveloped countries, this could have a massive
negative effect on civilization  and be extremely
inhumane.  And, if, at the same time, we are not
having any effect of global warming, what a
catastrophe that would be.
	The issue is much more complex than I first thought
and really does merit extensive study.  I appreciate
all the help from RadSafe members in finding url's for
more information.  

Blaine N. Howard, Health Physicist (retired)
Hyrum, Utah
Phone: 435-245-4336
--- howard long <hflong at pacbell.net> wrote:

> Well stated, Blaine.
>   God bless.
>   Howard Long

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