[ RadSafe ] Occupational and Environmental Radiation Protection

Harvard Health Professional Training CONTEDU at hsph.harvard.edu
Tue Mar 20 09:18:19 CDT 2007

The Harvard School of Public Health will be holding the following event on April 23-26, 2007, which will help in meeting the Federal and State requirements for radiation safety and licensing requirements.

Occupational and Environmental Radiation Protection: 
Principles and Practices of Radiation Safety 
April 23-26, 2007
Boston, Massachusetts

Upon Completion Of This Program You Will Be Able To
●	Identify and meet regulatory requirements from both a technical and an administrative point of view 
●	Develop effective methods for meeting your information needs, through both published and online resources 
●	Apply the principles of radiation safety protection in an effective manner to problems you will encounter in your work 
●	Ensure that any doses received by you, your coworkers, and the public will be as low as reasonably achievable 
●	Provide your professional associates as well as public groups with perspective on the importance of various radiation sources and the effectiveness of control methods in the workplace and the environment 

For complete details and registration please visit, http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/ccpe/programs/OERP.shtml 

Also please refer to your reference code: OERP 07- LIST07

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