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Hello Jeff --

If you like John Gofman,  you'll love Helen Caldicott.  She was one of Petr
Beckmann's most unfavorite persons.  In fact he mentions her over 100 times
in Access to Energy while he was still alive.  She wrote "Nuclear Madness"
and was the founder of Physicians for Social Responsibility.  As a member of
the US Peace Council she visited the USSR on several occasions where there
was much mutual fawning.  Some of the quotes Beckmann attributes to her

"The difference between nuclear reactors and bombs is mostly psychological."
"The Russians are OK to work with...the US has many military bases around
the world whereas Russia does not."  
"Uranium is thalidomide forever."
And my personal favorite:
"The nuclear arms race is a case of missile envy stemming from an inadequate
male sexual complex on the part of world leaders."

Don't think I'd want a "counterpoint" if I were her.

Ed Hiserodt

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Hi All,

Could someone give me some background information on Helen Caldicott?



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