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Ruth Sponsler jk5554 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 21 22:19:16 CDT 2007

Correction.  It was lowly ol' me who wrote that "Dr.
Zbigniew Jaworowski is not a
> climatologist."

Something got lost in the quotations.

--- Steven Dapra <sjd at swcp.com> wrote:

> March 21
> Ruth Sponsler wrote:
> "In addition, in a completely separate story, Anne
> Lauvergeon of 
> Electricite de France and former CIA director John
> Deutch have said that 
> the United States should act to cap emissions of
> greenhouse gases or risk 
> losing global 
> leadership. 
> ...."
>          She also appeared to scoff at Jaworowski
> for not being a 
> climatologist ("Dr. Zbigniew Jaworowski is not a
> climatologist.").
>          What are Deutch's credentials as a
> climatologist?
>          The above linked article (from the
> International Herald Tribune) 
> calls Deutch an "energy specialist" who is now a
> professor at MIT.  WHAT is 
> an "energy specialist" and why did the IHT
> conveniently forget to tell us 
> what Deutch is professing?
>          The article also says, "Deutch advocated an
> additional tax of 
> about $1 a gallon, or 26 cents a liter, on gasoline,
> diesel fuel and other 
> petroleum products in the United States, coupled
> with a tightening of fuel 
> economy standards for U.S. car manufacturers, to
> encourage fuel efficiency 
> and damp demand, while recognizing that such a move
> would be politically 
> difficult."
>          Note that he only wants to beat up on US
> taxpayers and US car 
> manufacturers.  What's with that?  No one else in
> the world drives cars or 
> manufactures them?
>          Furthermore, Anne Lauvergeon of Electricite
> de France did not 
> endorse capping emissions, nor did she peddle that
> nonsense about the US 
> "losing global leadership."  That was all from the
> "energy specialist."
>          Tacked on at the end of the article we read
> this:
>          "While Deutch placed great expectations on
> carbon capture and 
> sequestration technology to reduce emissions from
> coal-fired power 
> stations, notably in China, a parallel report to the
> Trilateral Commission 
> by a French energy executive, Anne Lauvergeon, cast
> doubt on that solution.
> "Lauvergeon, chief executive of Areva, which builds
> nuclear power stations, 
> said the capture and storage of carbon emitted
> through the burning of 
> fossil fuels was too often presented as a miracle
> solution.
> "This technology would 'not play a significant role
> in the limitation of 
> carbon emissions for half a century,' she wrote."
>          If anything, Lauvergeon is opposing
> Deutch's proposals.  (Is she 
> an extremist too, or is Deutch the extremist for
> only wanting to tax US 
> citizens and only wanting to push around US auto
> manufacturers?)
> Steven Dapra
> sjd at swcp.com
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