[ RadSafe ] Re: The Great Global Warming Swindle Swindle

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Thu Mar 22 20:35:49 CDT 2007

March 22

         Where did you get this stuff about Monte and Harrison Hieb?  You 
provided no source.

         More to the point, what do coal mining injuries and fatalities 
have to do with global warming, CO2, and so forth?  In another posting you 
accused me of making a straw man argument and of passing along a lie.  It 
seems to me you are dragging around a red herring.  Or is this guilt by 
association?  WV has a lot of mining fatalities so what the Hiebs say about 
global warming is false.

         If the Hieb's page is "primarily disinformation," why couldn't you 
take the time to give us even one example?

Steven Dapra
sjd at swcp.com

At 01:43 PM 3/22/07 -0700, Dukelow, James S Jr wrote:

>Brian P. Riely wrote:
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>Radsafe readers can find a detail rebuttal of the cherry-picked arguments 
>in the cited web page at
>the web page
>Further, the web page Brian Riely cites is put together by Monte and 
>Harrison Hieb.  Monte Hieb works, apparently as an engineer, with the West 
>Virginia Office of Miners Health Safety and Training, in the Oak Hill 
>Regional Office.  The MHST web site includes the information that WV had 
>27 miner fatalities and 1547 injuries in 2006, among either 20,600 or 
>36,000 people employed in the industry (the web page's information here is 
>The Hieb's web site is primarily devoted to WV plant fossil 
>paleontology.  Their global warming pages are primarily disinformation.
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