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Posted for Dr. Moulder.

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You might want to post my comments

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> Radsafers,
> Here is an article that claims that 95 per cent of animals exposed to
> electromagnetic radiation within the safe limits as per international
> standards may develop brain tumours.
> 944
> At first I thought it was some really fringe stuff, but the author,
> Jitendra Behari, seems very capable. A quick PubMed search (see below)
> shows
> some impressive research articles.

Nothing Behari has published to date supports such a statement.  Such a
statement is also contradicted for both RF and ELF by a substantial
of published peer-reviewed studies.

Of course, X-rays are also electromagnetic radiation and X-rays will
brain cancer in rodents.  But even X-rays would not get you a 95%

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