[ RadSafe ] Tree Rings Show Elevated Tungsten Coincides with Nevada Leukemia Cluster

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Tue May 1 00:29:23 CDT 2007

  Tree Rings Show Elevated Tungsten Coincides with Nevada Leukemia Cluster
  By Mari N. Jensen
April 30, 2007
     Interesting to note that the so called "Healthy Worker" effect has been discussed in regards to past Shipyard worker studies and has been attributed to causing a bias in the under reporting of cancer incidence.  I recall the decommissioning of a Welding School at an old Naval Shipyard where I used to work.  All of the student and Journeyman welders were tested on Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding competency and proficiency at the school.  Each welder would spend quite a bit of time at the grinding stations working to convert long welding rods to the perfect length and point for their personal supply of welding tips.  The welders would often carry these tips around in their shirt pockets in old aspirin or pill bottles.  The older Tungsten rods had Thorium added to them to them to assist with "making a better arc".  As a result of the thorium the walls behind the grinding stations were heavily contaminated with thorium particulate that was ground off of the rods during
 the shaping process.  God only knows what the welders breathed in during this process.

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