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Some years ago I, nuclear engineer/former Navy nuclear weapons officer,
played on a forum devoted to passivism.  I found that it is impossible
to change someone's feelings about something by telling them they're
wrong (either the person or the feelings).  On the other hand, if you
present facts in small enough pieces that they can be demonstrated to be
correct, you can build arguments that are sturdy enough to stand up to
attack.  Then, when the someone loses their temper because your argument
is sound and attacks you as a person, you can calmly move the discussion
back to the original topic, without attacking back.  You may never
convince the person who attacks you that your position is correct, but
those who observe the exchange can recognize who hold the high ground,
and that gains you respect and credibility.  

Besides, while flaming provides some cathartic release, remaining calm
is better for your blood pressure. 

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Mike and Al,

Reminds me of the "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind"
statement by Neil Armstrong when he stepped on the moon for the first
Every time an individual is provided accurate information and their
perceptions change with that knowledge, this is a success. Building up
from the ground up, not at the top, which is what nation changes is all
There will never be a case where a nation will change it's beliefs
unless it starts at the lowest level, and that probably is with infants,
kindergarten, etc. This will take a long time, so in the meantime every
reporter that is spoken to, every civic center where a presentation is
made, there will be little successes here and there. All very positive!

Keep up the good work!

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