AW: [ RadSafe ] " Port gets dirty-bomb detectors "

Jose Julio Rozental joseroze at
Thu May 10 08:41:23 CDT 2007

So do you mean that the American System of communication is not good?
Dear Sandy

There is not "enough" American public information on aspects of RDD and 
public attitude in case of an event?
I know the psychological trauma, because I have to manage  the worst 
radiological emergency response up to now in Goiania, and in this matter, 
communication and trauma, I do believe, even after 20 years of Goiania, 
offer many lessons that were not fully learned.
However one of the lessons was that the people of Goiania was not previously 
prepared for an radiological event like Goiania.
I can discuss scenarios to prove that are situations were a RDD can be worst 
than the usual scenarios that mention
"blast itself would probably kill more than the radiation"

Jose Julio Rozental
joseroze at

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> Mike,
> Whlle a goal woud be large number of deaths/injuries (blast itself would 
> probably kill more than the radiation), the pschological effect would be 
> the main outcome, as you said. Just look at the hsyteria that occurs when 
> an item is located with a rad sticker, building or road. They almost shut 
> down a whole city.
> Emotional trauma and fear of the unknown will be the worse case in 
> reality.
> Sandy Perle
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