[ RadSafe ] Denmark challenged over B52 crash

Dawson, Fred Mr Fred.Dawson199 at mod.uk
Mon May 14 07:26:54 CDT 2007

BBC Reports 
Denmark challenged over B52 crash 

"Let me take you back to an Arctic night in January 1968, still the era
of the Cold War," a British MEP told the European Parliament this week,
promising a tale comparable to an international thriller. 
"An American B-52 bomber gets into trouble, the crew scramble to safety
and the plane comes down in Greenland with an enormous amount of
weapons-grade plutonium on board. 

The trigger for the re-telling of the story was a petition to the
parliament from former clean-up worker Jeffrey Carswell, appealing for
pressure on Denmark to start monitoring the health of those exposed to

The US workers involved have been regularly examined, but the Danes and
Greenlanders have not, according to a report by Diana Wallis MEP, which
the parliament approved on Friday by 544 votes to 29. 

"Many Thule survivors have died of radiation-related illnesses due to
the lack of medical monitoring, and current survivors risk contracting
such fatal illnesses," says the accompanying resolution

Fred Dawson

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