[ RadSafe ] Nuclear restart OK'd at Browns Ferry

Susan Gawarecki loc at icx.net
Tue May 15 16:48:46 CDT 2007

Nuclear restart OK'd at Browns Ferry
By ANDREW EDER, edera at knews.com
May 15, 2007

Following a five-year, $1.8 billion restoration, TVA is authorized to 
restart the Unit 1 reactor at Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant, federal 
regulators said today.

The refurbished reactor, which was shut down for safety reasons in 1985 
along with the other two reactors at Browns Ferry, will represent the 
first new nuclear generation in the United States this century when it 
comes online.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission completed a final inspection in April 
and said today that TVA has met NRC standards and could restart the reactor.

Unit 2 at the Athens, Ala., plant was restarted in 1991 and Unit 3 was 
restarted in 1995.

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