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Hi Group:

I have redone my calculations to fit Walter Marshall's "English Garden". He
assumed 1/10 acre = 404.7 m^2 area.  I initially assumed 20x20m = 400m^2.  I
assumed only 0.25 m depth, but he assumed 1 meter. So my estimates are for
about 1/4 of the volume that he estimated.  I also assumed a bulk density of
2 Tonnes/m^3 which is probably "close-order".

So for "typical" Chattanooga Shale:

Assuming 100 mg/Kg (0.01% U), going back to the "garden" calculation of
source term: 404.7 m^2 x 1m @ 0.01% U gives me about 80 Kg of endowed U in
800 Tonnes (400 m^3) or a "typical" backyard where the children play... Just
for the Natural Uranium (238+235+234), that would be 54 mCi (2x10^9 Bq) per
garden not to mention the rest of the progeny. Total activity would be about
375 mCi per garden (1.4x10^10 Bq) for the entire uranium/radium series.

Shales are also high in potassium, so I expect that Marshall's value or
7,000 kg for potassium is low for the Chattanooga Shale.

So, next time I do a "garden" calculation, I will use the "English Garden"
definition of Walter Marshall.

Dan ii

Dan W McCarn, Geologist
Albuquerque & Houston

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Before this gets out of hand......

Lord Marshall of Goring was the title given to Walter Charles Marshall
(an Englishman) who was involved with WANO and the start of the British
Nuclear Power Industry.

Careful googling has revealed some interesting links and the garden
In an article (Who Speaks for Science) published by IMPRIMIS (Hillsdale
College, MI) the former Secretary of the AEC, Dixy Lee Ray writes
"In the words of Walter Marshall, Lord Marshall of Goring:      "In my
own country, the United Kingdom, I like to point out that the average
Englishman's garden occupies 1/10 of an acre. By digging down one metre,
we can extract 6 kilograms of thorium, 2 kilograms of uranium, and 7,000
kilograms of potassium -- all of them radioactive waste, not man-made,
but the residue left over when God created this 

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