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Cehn at aol.com Cehn at aol.com
Wed May 23 10:39:51 CDT 2007

Here's an unusual situation for a final status survey: a large bay with two  
activated shield walls, about 40' apart.  The shield walls are  roughly 
L-shaped, about a meter thick and several meters high and  long.  They each had a 
storage hole that housed a sealed neutron  source; so those parts of the shield 
walls were  activated.  Remediation involved removing over a cubic meter of  
activated concrete from each, leaving irregularly shaped voids.  Question:  how 
would you define the Class 1 & 2 areas and how would you grid  them?  DCGLs 
are in pCi/gram-concrete.  The only COCs are the  activation products.
(This would make a great CHP exam question.)
Joel I. Cehn,  CHP

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