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Thu May 24 10:45:07 CDT 2007

In response to your comment concerning the Nickel 63 detector, while they  
are claimed to be sealed sources, they are nothing more than Nickel  
electroplated onto a metal foil. If one wipes the foils directly, the Nickel  does come 
Generally licensed electron capture detectors such as you are referring to  
consist of a metal housing with the Nickel foil commonly in a concentric ring  
around a center electrode. So long as the foil remains in that housing, 
leakage  is not normally detected. I have seen nickel detectors show leakage at the 
exit  port.
With respect to the end of life problem, the 10-15 millicurie Ni-63 sources  
must be disposed at a licensed land disposal site. Barnwell will accept the  
sources as sealed sources for land disposal but that site will probably not  be 
available by next year. The Envirocare site at this time does not accept  
sealed sources for disposal so disposal may be a problem for the next few years.  
At some point, I feel sure they will modify their permits to accept sealed  
NSSI currently accepts the transfer of 10-15 millicurie Ni-63 sources to  the 
NSSI license at a charge of $1100-1800.00.  

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