[ RadSafe ] CT scans dangerous?

Baumbaugh, Joel SPAWAR joel.baumbaugh at navy.mil
Thu Nov 8 09:32:04 CST 2007

A short time ago (due to concerns by veterinarians), I badged a marine mammal (a > 400 lb  dolphin) undergoing a diagnostic procedure to get an estimate of dose/exposure to the animal in a brand-new spiral CT.  My TLD came back w/a dose of 3.3 rem Whole Body.   Now the dolphin was a LOT larger than most humans, and a dolphin is mostly all muscle, so the back-scatter was probably higher than w/a human. I'm sorry, I don't remember the CT manufacturer.  The whole procedure was "quite" the experience...  Sometimes my job is fun...
Joel Baumbaugh


Subject: RE: [ RadSafe ] CT scans dangerous?

20 rem?  HOLY COW!!!!
What CT scanner gave 20 rem acute dose?

-Gary Isenhower

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