[ RadSafe ] CT scans dangerous?

Earley, Jack N Jack_N_Earley at RL.gov
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I forget who first said it, but I think it still applies: "A man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with a theory."

Jack Earley
Health Physicist

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Not taking into consideration the complicated discussion about medical
exposure, but only the patients exposure I fully support your statement. A
few weeks ago I woke up in a red cross rescue car, being told on my
bewildered question that I had fallen down at an escalator and badly hurt my
head and that I was to be transported to the central Viennese Hospital. 
There I was subjected to a CT scan and was really relieved, that there was
no damage of my skull and my brain. I did not ask for my radiation dose....
I do not care for any radiation effects in this my own case and I fully
support the Austrian Radiation Protection Laws which exempt medical
applications from the Radiation Protection Law! 

I do not forget the responsibility of medical doctors to minimize the
radiation exposure. A routineous exposure in CT scans, which only serve an
additional income of the respective laboratory has to be categorilly

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