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Franz Schönhofer franz.schoenhofer at
Tue Nov 20 13:32:01 CST 2007

I do not know the list owner personally, but since he has decided to monitor
everything distributed on the list and his releases take several days the
list is not what it used to be before. It was a forum for exchange of most
recent news or urgent informations needed, not to talk about exchange of
scientific news. 

I have put forward a solution for "punishment" of unappropriate messages,
used widely on the net, but there was no reaction. (I do not even remember
that it was distributed to the list.)

I urge the list-owner to improve the unsatisfactory situation by introducing
my proposal of making public unappropriate messages or if he would not be
able to further maintain the list in the proven way to consider a change of
the list owner. I have backed the present list-owner even in cases I was
negatively influenced, but now it is time for a radical change.  

Franz Schoenhofer, PhD
MinRat i.R.
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Betreff: [ RadSafe ] news postings

Please do continue to post the indexes of news articles you have in the
past. Your postings of relevant news articles is one of the reasons I
subscribe to this list. When I see a post from you, regardless of the
subject line, I go right to it to see what gems you have found and taken the
time to share with us. Thank you for your past posts and I hope to see more
of them in the future.
Ed Hoey
Ed Hoey
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Upton, NY 11973
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Subject: [ RadSafe ] news postings
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Recent posts have asked that the reasons for screening and delaying posting
to the list be re-evaluated. I concur with everyone's comments since it is
quite difficult to initiate or continue a dialogue where there are sometimes
delays up to 3 days and in some instances, posts are out of sequence, making
it even more difficult to understand the thread.

The reason I started posting the various nuclear related news articles was
to ensure that the list was aware of what was being published in various
newspapers, news wires, magazines and websites that would potentially be in
the public forum, especially when the topic was one that could create
emotional debate. We in the industry need to be cognizant of what is being
published, what the public can view and if we feel it appropriate, to take
action, speak out, lecture, etc. However, when the news posted takes a day
or more to post and the follow-up dialogue takes another day or more to
post, the news is old and becomes less meaningful.

Therefore, I'll continue to post the news to the 300+ individuals who
receive the news along with the Powernet list (reaches another 300+
individuals) and refrain from posting to Radsafe.

I too hope that Marcel reconsiders the current policy. I agree with Franz
that where there are issues, there are other means to mitigate. Stewart and
others have stated their points of view as well and I need not repeat their
eloquent perspective.

Hoping for a return to a real-time list for real-time dialogue.

Regards to all.



Sander C. Perle
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