[ RadSafe ] Skin Injuries To Patients Can Be Avoided When Radiation Dose Is Monitored

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Fri Nov 23 10:36:32 CST 2007


Dr. Chida is mistaken, in principle.  The PEMNET system, which allows 
real-time monitoring of both dose rate and cumulative dose in 
fluoroscopy, has been available for many years.  One caveat: I don't  
know that it's sold in Japan.


Angioplasty, is a procedure that helps treat narrowed coronary arteries.
"Many patients benefit greatly from procedures such as angioplasty, 
a major disadvantage associated with these procedures is patient 
exposure," said Koichi Chida, PhD, lead author of the study. "In most
cardiac interventional procedures, real-time monitoring of maximum skin 
is not possible," however monitoring total entrance skin radiation dose 
Dr. Chida said.

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