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Sun Nov 25 17:06:19 CST 2007


I apologize for an error which occurred in my original message: The good
advice to look for "ranger, cancer, uranium, aborigines" came from Steven
Dapra. Sorry for that!


Original post - excerpt:

Dear Björn, Mark, Maury, Dan, John, Steven and other RADSAFErs interested,

A comment on an Australian issue from Austria ("no kangoroos"). 


In order to live up to my reputation of being nasty I'd like to state that
the combination of "uranium", "nuclear fuel", "cancer" and "indigenous
people killed by the nuclear industry" is something that obviously some
groups cannot resist to propagate. Though I found by following Maurys advice
and looking for the first 20 or 30 hits of "ranger, cancer, uranium,
aborigines" several links to articles opposing the findings of this

Best regards,


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