[ RadSafe ] RE: Follow-up: Ranger uranium company in Australia & cancer clusters among aborig

Bjorn Cedervall bcradsafers at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 30 14:30:55 CST 2007

It was as expected: Against mining of uranium (probably anywhere). It was impossible to understand the cancer information (clusters) in an analytical sense. The program also gave much talk about "leaks" from the mining site. I would like to know more about these leaks if anyone can provide fact based information. Guess the idea was to give the TV watchers the idea that these leaks caused those cancers.
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Bjorn Cedervall         bcradsafers at hotmail.com
> I was notified two days ago that there is an upcoming TV-program on> this topic (For Swedish readers: Uppdrag Granskning, SVT1, 8 p.m.).> > "Uppdrag granskning" is a program which has had biased reporting on a number> of controversial issues. A personal experience five years ago taught me that> at least some of their reporters essentially have an antiindustrial agenda which> they support by various standard methods (like making three hour interviews> with people and then cutting ut the 1-2 minutes (out of context of course)> that suits their political ambitions). The experience I was involved in> related to mobile phones - according to my opinion those journalists/reporters> are half criminals (we pay tax for their crap).> > This time it is about uranium & cancer - Sweden buys some of its uranium> from Australia. Typically a TV program on a topic like this will do anything to> scare the heck out of people by presenting unfounded/biased claims.> Statistical hocus pocus is often involved without any explaination relating to> confounders, various types of bias etc. Emotional pictures belong to the> standard spices. I could bet a whole penny that most of the involved> reporters behind the upcoming program are of an antinuclear brand.> <snip>
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