[ RadSafe ] Request for E mail ID of Professor Norman Frigerio

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During the late 1970's N.A. Frigerio and R.S. Stowe published a number of papers noting the inverse relationship between background radiation levels in the US and cancer rates.

These papers are referenced in:


At the time Dr. Frigerio was employed at Argonne National Lab in Illinois. Many years have passed, but if he is still with us, you might be able to get some info about his whereabouts from Argonne, or perhaps R.S. Stowe might be listed somewhere and know how to reach him.

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Can any one in the list help me to find out the E-mail ID of  Professor Norman Frigerio? Professor Frigerio  wrote a small booklet titled " Your body and radiation", one among  "The Understanding the Atom Series" published by Division of Technical Information erstwhile USAEC during 1966. It was revised in 1967.

 I wanted to correspond with him.


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