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I've not seen of the Wikipedia definition regarding the rad.  Most
everything I've seen implies that because 1 roentgen (for "conventional
x-rays") is equal to about 97.7 ergs per gram (or some other value close
to 100 ergs per gram), that the definition of the rad was chosen to be
100 ergs per gram.  See, for example, Herb Parker's article in the
Indian Journal of Radiology in 1956, reprinted in "Herbert M. Parker,
Publications and Other Contributions to Radiological and Health
Physics," edited by Kathren, Baalman, and Bair, 1986.

The origin of the name "rad" can be found at


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According to the Wikipedia entry for 'Rad', it was defined from 1918 to
1953 as the unit of X-ray dose required to kill a mouse. 1) I never
heard this definition before and 2) This seems like a very low dose for
killing anything.

This is somewhat before my time and I normally use SI units. Is the
Wikipedia statement correct?


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