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Dear John,

I have a collection of them on various topics. Well known writers wrote them in lucid language. I collected them in 1981 while I was a Research Associate in the Virginia University Medical Centre. I gathered them virtually from the dustbin where some one disposed them off  as they who did not find space to keep them!

I have in my collection a comic (Canadian) on atomic energy. Yet another unique collection I have is the series of booklets on nuclear medicine written by Dr. Marshall Brucer. He explains complex concepts in a style which will arrest the attention of one and all. His narrative is marked by healthy skepticism and irreverence to regulators! Sorry that I am strutting my plumes assuming that not many may have them!

During early eighties after reading a piece in The  Health Physics written on Elizebeth Rona, the contemporary of Madame Curie, I proposed that eminent scientists may be persuaded to write their memoirs in the journal. A few pieces appeared; I do not claim that they followed from my suggestion.



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I still have a number of those AEC publication.  This
was the time that the government was trying to
education the public on nuclear power, atomic phyiscs,
irradiation, etc.  They were well written for the
average high school student.  

It is a shame that this practice was not continues.  I
now the ANS has a program to educate the public, I
think having the government involved added more to the
educational process.  Also, I think that having
carry-away paper booklets is more convenient than
having this information on the Web.

--- "Muckerheide, Jim  (CDA)"

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