[ RadSafe ] lead apron checkis

Sergio Fireman sergio at bgu.ac.il
Sat Oct 6 07:30:31 CDT 2007

I would like to thank to all my colleagues radsafers that answered my question on the policies of ckecking lead aprons, gloves and thyroid shields.
In summary there are no specific regulations in USA and also in Israel. I got many recommendations based on the Joint Commitee of Accreditation in Hospitals ,and also a paper published on Operation Radiation Safety, and also from the Health Physics Society, canadian , UK and IAEA recommendations.
We are now writing our specific protocol for checking these accessories,inventory tags,frequency of checks, responsibility, and also trying to establish criteria for rejecting the aprons, as part of a general inspection program.
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Sergio Faermann

Sergio Faermann, Ph.D.
Institute Of Oncology
Soroka University Medical Center
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