[ RadSafe ] Re: Is the Future Bright for Proton Therapy?

John Jacobus crispy_bird at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 8 11:27:41 CDT 2007

Thanks for the update.  I would be interesting to
compare the cost with other therapy modalities.  One
to the areas I have heard that proton therapy is good
is ocular treatments, like macular degeneration. When
I heard about it, the idea was the therapy slowed the
progression of the disease.  

I am certainly more encouraged by this than muon
theraphy and neutron therapy that were both tried in
the 1970's.

--- alstonchris at netscape.net wrote:

>  John
> Sorry, I should have said that the cost is going to
> come down by a factor of five to ten.
> Cheers
> cja
> -----Original Message-----
> John    Yes.  There is new technology.  The basic
> cost of a facility has, very recently,   come down
> by about a factor of four.  E.g., Swedish Med
> Center, in Seattle, is   installing a machine, in
> partnership with other institutions, for about
> US$22M.    Check out the Clinatron 250, by Still
> River Systems.    Cheers  cja      >>> John Jacobus
> crispy_bird at yahoo.com> 10/01/07 10:54PM >>>   Is the
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