[ RadSafe ] Sr-90 Question

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Wed Oct 17 09:49:00 CDT 2007

Are you trying to determine the Transportation Index? If for some other 
purpose, please state it.

Sr-90 is a pure beta emitter, and so is the daughter Y-90. Technically there 
can be no amount that gives *ANY* mR/hr reading at any distance.

Let us know the purpose of the measurement and we can then
pin down the activity and correct units of measurment.

George Dowell
New London Nucleonics Lab

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Can anyone tell me about how much Sr-90 I would need to get a reading of
0.5 mR/hr at 1 meter? I know that if you go by the rule of thumb (300
R/hr at 1 cm per mCi) you should need around 330 micro-Curies. Can
anyone tell me how close this estimate is?

Luke McCormick


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