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Thu Oct 18 23:46:20 CDT 2007

I was one of the ones that said it was "ridiculous."  My experience  has been 
that it is policy and security "experts" driving the elimination of  these 
devices, although I am aware that there are some HPs that actively  advocate 
their elimination as well.  I agree with you that we must ensure  an equally 
effective technology is readily available before eliminating these  devices.  And, 
by "readily available," I mean a technology that  is not prohibited by cost 
for all the communities served.  
We need to have a better way to weigh risks and benefits, because analyzing  
risks from radioactive materials as though they were the only risk out there  
leads to extremely bad "Chicken Little" policy.
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cjb01 at health.state.ny.us writes:

Previous  posters on this thread indicated that the proposal to get rid of
Cs-137  self-shielded irradiators was ridiculous.  I wanted to point out
that  it wasn't the uninformed, but rather HPs that have focussed attention
on  these devices.  If there is blame to distribute, at least some of  it
needs to be directed at our own profession.  A little more security  for the
units might be appropriate, if it can be done without impinging on  the
vital mission that they serve.

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