[ RadSafe ] Natural Uranium - Isotope Abundance

Redmond, Randy (RXQ) redmondrr at y12.doe.gov
Tue Oct 23 09:30:18 CDT 2007


- NRC regulations define depleted uranium as uranium with U-235
abundance less than 0.711 percent.
- DOE STD 1136-2000 Table 2-1 gave U-235 weight percent as 0.72 and
stated that the range of the weight percent of U-235 in the natural
environment could vary from 0.61 to 0.81 percent.
- The range stated in 1136 was deleted - DOE STD 1136-2004.

My dilemma

To prove that I have not technology enhanced (added radioactivity to)
the uranium in various substances (my facility deals with DU and EU), I
am being currently held to 0.711 percent.  If my results are greater
than  0.711 percent U-235, then it's enriched; if my results are less
than 0.711 percent, then it's depleted.  Does anyone know of a NRC or
DOE document that can be cited which establishes a range for U-235 in
natural uranium?  Establishing baseline information on every material is
not an option..

Thank you,

Randy Redmond
Radiological Engineering

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