[ RadSafe ] The "Nucular" debate

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Without specifics, it's hard to be certain, but it sounds like she might
have been a product/victim of the "whole language" experiment in
teaching reading.  Words were taught as gestalts or ideographs without
phonic analysis. Granted, some words have to be approached that way due
to irregular pronunciation. 

I had a friend who progressed to very low level technical books without
hearing some of the words pronounced.  Until then, he thought that
"atom" was pronounced "ay-tom". Given the derivation (Greek for "not
cut"), it probably should be.

Dave Neil

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April 2

         Incorrect pronunciations are a matter of flat-out laziness.  I
someone once who was too lazy to learn how to pronounce acetominophen,
aminophylline.  Her slurred pronunciation of the former sound something 
like "a-see-min-fen."   I can't remember how she pronounced the second 
one.  Teaching people to read by using phonics would solve a lot of
pronunciation problems.  (Ever heard a parent or teacher say, "Sound it

Steven Dapra

At 11:50 AM 4/2/08 -0500, Doug Aitken wrote:
>After my last post, I had a look at the internet and found some
>comments on this phenomenon:
>of course, if you want a really "in-depth" <G> discussion, try this;
>now, back to our regularly scheduled programs.....
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>I think the fact that the current President is incapable of pronouncing
>"Nuclear" (to the extent that all Washington "flacks" and the
>in general seem to now say "nucular" so as not to piss him off) says it
>Doug (expat Brit, so not to be taken too seriously <G>)
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