[ RadSafe ] "CT Scans - Reduce Cancer"

howard long hflong at pacbell.net
Thu Apr 3 12:17:52 CDT 2008

CT Scans May Reduce RatherThan Increase the Risk of Cancer, 
Bobby R. Scott, PhD, Charles L Sanders PhD, Ron EJ Mitchel, PhD, Douglas R Boreham PhD
in Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons Spring 2008 V13 N1
refutes the Nov 29 2007 NEJM Brenner and Hall (selective, LNT) extrapolation 
estimating that in a few decadesabout 1.5- 2% of all cancers in the US 
may be the result of current CT scan usage.

Scott lists his phone, 505-348-8567, email bscott at LRRI.org and was very approachable
 at last summer DDP meeting. Also www.aapsonline.org can lead you to the article.

In the 23 references are 3 from Bobby's original research. His work shows complete lung cancer 
prevention by gamma ANP (activated natural response) in 1877 Wistar rats 
subjected to alpha inhalation up to ~600mGy.  Also, 
"Gamma ray ANP against 239 Pu alpha radiation induced lung cancer 
has also been reported for humans."

HPs are needed for cancer prevention!

Howard Long

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