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 Turn them on to the Girl Genius webcomic. It is entertaining, well
written, and artfully drawn, and glorifies science.  Well, MAD science,
but it's a start.  It just won some awards. It is safe for younger folks
- there's a warning, but the least-dressed character is wearing
substantially more than most swimsuits.


One of my favorite time-wasters (at home).

Dave Neil

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With respect to the statement "Indeed, pupils in many secondary schools
the USA , especially boys,
would rather become sports heros or rock stars  than scientists." that
understandable given the emphasis the emphasis on  physical rather than 
intellectual accomplishments and the perceived glory.   However, the
secondary school 
pupils should also be taught about the number of  positions available
and the 
probability for success.  There are probably  only about 3-4,000
athletes and rock stars total - and their  average careers are maybe 15
for most of them.  There are more  scientists and engineers than that is
of the DOE national labs. and in NASA  etc. and their average careers
are 40+ 
years.  The glamour is  attractive, but doesn't last.
Thank  you,

Christopher M. Timm, PE
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