[ RadSafe ] I-131 Spill Neutralization

Marcel Schouwenburg M.Schouwenburg at tudelft.nl
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Hi John,

I've no reference by hand, but the first formulation you mention is, as
far as I know, the most common.

It does'nt really matter whether you use 0.1 N or 0.01 N sodium
hydroxide (both solutions are commonly used in stock iodine solutions).
A small practical advantage is that when using 0.01 N sodium hydroxide
there is a smaller change to overshoot in pH.

The purpose of (cold) sodium iodide is to replace the hot iodine ions
with cold iodine ions facilitating the removal of the spoiled activity
(as is eg used in salt separating columns).

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Hi Folks.
Does anyone out there know the correct formulation for sodium
thiosulphate solution widely recommended for I-131 spill neutralization,
and/or a reference for this? I've seen it variously specified as:
0.1 N sodium thiosulfate + 0.1 N sodium hydroxide ( to bring the pH up)
+ 0.1 N sodium iodide
the same as above , except that 0.01 N sodium hydroxide is specified
rather than 0.1 N.
Sometimes the sodium iodide isn't mentioned , so I'm wondering what
purpose it serves.
I'd be grateful for any information that anybody can give.
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