[ RadSafe ] Stopping Film Festival Screening of "Contaminated Forever"

Roger Helbig rhelbig at california.com
Sun Apr 6 08:32:02 CDT 2008

This film will be shown at the First Take Film Festival in Augusta, Georgia.
If there are any RADSAFE members near there who would like to contact the
mayor and suggest that this propaganda film not be shown as a documentary -
it's fictional and speculative not a documentary.


Mayor's Office
530 Greene Street
Room 806
Augusta, Georgia 30901
Phone: (706) 821-1831
Fax: (706) 821-1835

Contaminated Forever" - the documentary -- 
... exposing the ongoing impact of the use of so-called "depleted uranium"

   Filmmaker Wes Rehberg and artist and social policy analyst Eileen Rehberg
have produced and filmed "Contaminated Forever," a 1-hour and 45-minute
documentary to help in the effort to expose the terrible consequences of the
use of so-called depleted uranium weapons (DU) for test purposes and in the

   These weapons were used in Iraq, the Balkans, on testing grounds
throughout the United States, and possibly in Afghanistan, Panama and
Lebanon, with their poison dust afflicting soldiers and civilians. Their
nanoparticle fallout, in the earth, has a half-life of 4.5 billion years,
ready to be inhaled or ingested, where, inside the body, they pass through
cell walls to begin their radioactive and toxic damage. 

   Above is a 5-minute segment of introductory scenes from the documentary.
For a low-bandwidth version, click here
<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7It_i-5nBY>  . To view draft scenes from
"Contaminated Forever" while it was in production, visit this web page
<http://contaminated-forever.wildclearing.com/index2.html> . 

  To purchase a DVD of "Contaminated Forever" for $19.95, plus shipping,
click on the button or link below.  You may also phone us for a credit-card
order at (423) 285-8084; leave a message, we'll call back.


Wild Clearing <wildclearing at wildclearing.com> wrote: 

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From: Wild Clearing <wildclearing at wildclearing.com>
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2008 09:12:06 -0400
Subject: [NoMoreDU] Screenings for "Contaminated Forever"

Dear all -- 


I just learned this week that our documentary, "Contaminated Forever," has
been accepted at the First Take Film Festival in Augusta, GA, and will
screen next Saturday (April 12) at noon at the Imperial Theater there.


It has also been accepted for screening on Friday night May 23 at the
Building a New World Conference at Radford University in Radford, VA.


Link to "Contaminated Forever" home page is below.




Wes Rehberg

Wild Clearing

http://www.wildclearing.com <http://www.wildclearing.com/> 

http://www.contaminatedforever.com <http://www.contaminatedforever.com/> 

skype: wildclearing



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