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Michael Bohan mike.bohan at yale.edu
Mon Apr 7 11:26:05 CDT 2008

Hello John and RadSafers,

Here's the recipe, paraphrased from a Feb. 1987, 3M memo by Dave 
Kubiatowicz.   You may want to double or triple it up to get the 
necessary volume:

1.  500 ml distilled or deionized water

2.  0.4 grams of sodium hydroxide

3.  15.8 grams of anhydrous sodium thiosulfate

4.  1 gram Pluronic F-68 detergent
      (This is an industrial detergent.  You can probably use any 
detergent, like Tide as a substitute, although the result may not be 

5.  Swirl materials to dissolve and mix ingredients.

6.  Add distilled or deionized water to make 1 liter total volume.

7.  The result should be transparent and colorless.

8.  The solution should be good for up to 12 months, if refrigerated.

Solution Rational:

1.  Sodium Thiosulfate - Thiosulfate converts molecular iodine to ionic 
iodide by chemical reduction.  This serves to minimize loss of 
radioactive molecular iodine by volatilization.

2.  Sodium Hydroxide - The alkaline solution, formed by the presence of 
sodium hydroxide, stabilizes the sodium thiosulfate and enhances 

3.  Pluronic F-68 - The detergent enhances the cleaning process by 
lowering the surface tension of the solution.  This causes better 
wetting of the item to be decontaminated and helps to suspend debris.


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