[ RadSafe ] Connector pinouts on Nuclear Research Corporation ADM-300 ratemeter - posting of 7 April, 2008

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Tue Apr 15 10:51:01 CDT 2008

Hello All,


On behalf of CANBERRA, I am writing to correct several assertions raised
in Dr. Harding's posting of April 7 regarding the ADM-300 ratemeter
(copy below)   


1) Nuclear Research Corporation (NRC) is NOT "out of business" as
claimed. Although the NRC brand is no longer used, Nuclear Research
Corporation is now a part of CANBERRA.

2) The ADM 300 family of ratemeter is still actively sold and supported
by CANBERRA - in fact, life cycle extensions are in the planning phase.
Most other NRC products are still supported as well and many are
actively offered.  Support can be obtained via CANBERRA customer service
which can be reached at 1 (800) 255-6370 in the USA and via local
service offices in other countries (visit www.canberra.com/services
<BLOCKED::outbind://30/www.canberra.com/services>  for details. 

3) Apantec, LLC is not authorized to provide service or support on this
product.  Performance of service by un-authorized sources may void
original factory warranty.


For any further information on these products, please feel free to
contact the undersigned or any CANBERRA office.


Best regards,

Bud Sielaff
Vice President Sales and Marketing
Office: +1-203-639-2423
Mobile: +1- 203-715-0265
bsielaff at canberra.com <BLOCKED::mailto:bsielaff at canberra.com> 

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Hello, there.

I don't know if you ever got the information you were requesting
concerning the ADM-300 multifunction ratemeter by NRC, but I am the
principal engineer designing the upgrade package.  I work for Apantec,

If you want technical information concerning probes, upgrade
electronics, pinouts, etc. and cannot get it from NRC (they were bought
and are out of business) I can provide this.

If you want new ratemeters we can do that too.

With best regards,

(Dr.) Anna Harding

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