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Dan W McCarn hotgreenchile at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 16:13:25 CDT 2008

Dear Group:

Attached are some calculations that I made using the USGS PHREEQC
geochemical model to estimate equilibrium solubility of common uranium
minerals.  Perhaps I am wrong, but I cannot help but believe that most of
the DU in weapons would be rapidly converted (days to months) to
naturally-occurring mineral forms already present in significant quantities
in most soils, between 8 KG and 100 KG in the "Typical" English Garden (20m
X 20m X 1m and assuming a bulk density of 2) depending on the original rock
endowment. These calculations can be found at:


I noted that my superscripts were converted to subscripts by Google - Sorry.

Also, the following is a statement from some time ago in James Salsman's own
words related to his addiction to illicit drugs as well as psychiatric
disorders.  The following are internet addresses of his activity related to
DU and other issues including "Sock Puppeting" in other forums.  He has not
appeared to have changed his modus operandi during the last 15 years. My
personal opinion is that people such as Salsman should be banned from
posting when identified especially when they refuse to identify themselves
openly in a forum or intentionally mislead the forum.


Dan W McCarn, Geologist
Houston & Albuquerque

See: Sock Puppeting on Wiki:


From: James Salsman <bovik at delta.eecs.nwu.edu>
Subject: complain? me?
Message-Id: <199306040653.AA21671 at delta.eecs.nwu.edu>
Reply-To: bovik at eecs.nwu.edu
Organization: Bovik Research Inst.
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 1993 06:52:59 GMT

Prof' Tygar writes:
> That's nothing. Opinion bboard readers won't be impressed until you
> get an entry in the next edition of the Hacker's Dictionary, an
> accomplishment already achieved by our erstwhile contributor Mr.
> Salsman.

Erstwhile? Not so fast! They always underestimated me at the University....

Well, since I've gained such perspective on the matter, I'd like
to mention a few of the reasons I ended up being the darling of
opbb readers' and much of the Internet's killfiles.

When I was an undergrad I was doing pretty well, but I had *major*
test anxiety. On the rare occasion I would show up for an exam, I
usually did a bit below the class average, but not much. I took
very few midterms, and fewer finals, usually spending the day shivering
under the covers. My homework, when I decided to do it, was always
pretty good, but I probably had the lowest QPA of anyone who attended
for as long as I did.

So, howcome I was enrolled for six full-time semesters? I'm not sure
about it myself, but I kept asking the Dean and they kept letting me
pay big bucks, about $30,000 altogether to drive my ego into the dirt
for another semester. They still say I owe $4,500 plus a few years of
interest leaving it at around $7,500, which is wrong, but the cashier
has long since stopped replying to my correspondence.

Finally I developed a significant enough Cannabis addiction to cause
other sorts of insurmountable problems that got me away from CMU to
West Virginia where the U.S. Dept. of the Navy, in an early-1940's
scramble to up rope production, planted about 30,000 acres of hemp
in the upper Potomac valley which has since spread, by nature and
horticulture, to nearly every county in the state. Sigh.

But the root of my problems, even before I was arrested by the United
States Secret Service in '86 (just after my 1st freshman semester),
was that my parents were feuding with each other, and I knew much of
what they were saying to me about each other was lies. The divorce
decree from the court had a lot to do with it, and they wouldn't let
me see it. Well, it so happens that the CMU Financial Aid Office
wanted a copy too, to keep my loans and matching subsidies coming I
guess, but my parents didn't even send it! This made me very mad,
but my father decided to pay the difference (the aid I had lost) by
himself instead of releasing the divorce decree. This made me
feel much worse because I knew I was wasting his money, not just mine.

There are a lot more gory details, but the fact of the matter is that
most people who are undergoing divorce are stupid, mainly because
of the stress, and they need common sense education (at their own
expense, Dr. T.) such has been mandated in Kansas, Georgia, Utah,
Indiana, and Ohio.

I spent 55 hours in Governor Caperton's office a few weeks ago on a
hunger strike trying to get the Hillbilly-Democrat establishment in
West Virginia to recognize the need, and they finally did, after
seeing the statistics from the Cobb County, Georgia pilot program.
There will be a Divorce Education Program in the West Virginia
Family Law Masters System in about three months! The West Virginia
Parents-Without-Partners organization is doing a three-part
biography of me in their newsletter (don't worry, all of you will
figure prominently in part two.)

So anyway, I'm sorry about all those things I said about the Warp
project, and all those misguided re-sends from LIS I. And please
pardon my (now diagnosed) bipolar disorder (i.e., manic-depressive
illness.) Brian Milnes, who bore the brunt of my wierdness back when
I was trying to shake up the establishment with a SOAR-style
production system implementation for the Connection Machine, returned
the Christmas card with my apology unopened, so if you see him in the
hall, tell him he was right and I was wrong.

And yes, I'm happy working temp jobs in Charleston
(*NOBODY*IN*THE*STATE* knows more about PC word processors than I do!)


:James Salsman

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Hi, James.

Concerning pseudonyms; I understand using something other than your
actual name when participating in an online discussion where you want to
control who has contact with the rest of your life.  I have done it
myself in several venues.  HOWEVER, using an new "screen name" in a
discussion you have already been in (or might be recognized in) is
called "sock-puppeting", and is considered poor form.  It is usually the
tactic of people who can not find adequate support (either technically
or from other people) to defend their position.  It does not enhance

I apologize for several typos in my last post that might have confused
my meaning.  Let me start off with a couple of questions, to see if we
can establish common ground:

1.  Should potential health issues possibly connected with DU be given
higher priority than health issues that clearly effect more people in an
clearly demonstrable way?  For example, Improvised explosive Devices in
Iraq kill tens of people per day, and wound many more.  Unlike possible
damage from DU exposure, IEDs are (a) clearly the direct cause of these
casualties and (b) not made or used by Americans.  Do you spend as much
time advocating against IEDs as you do against DU?  If not, is it
because in your mind (b) cancels out (a)?  (because I have to tell you,
just in our brief exchanges, you come off as more anti-American Military
than you do pro-Public Health.  As an example of this, your quote,
"However, these problems are usually spread out evenly among the
population, and not concentrated in battle zones where personnel and
civilians have a greater risk of suffering a clinical toxicant
exposure." is a case in point.  You dismiss, or at least minimize,
millions of people world wide (disproportionately poor, for what it's
worth) suffering documentable and clearly causally-linked health effects
because their problems can not be linked to a battle field where DU has
been used (almost exclusively by Americans).  In the same sentence you
ASSUME those in the battle zones have a greater risk of suffering a
clinical toxicant exposure, presumably from DU.  In doing this you
ignore that such exposure is nothing like the highest risk people in
such an area face, that a significant number of the people in such an
area are actually exposed (as opposed to assumed to be exposed because
it supports your premise), or that there is a causal relationship to
observed health effects if such exposure in fact occurs.

2.  At what concentration of UO3 in the air do you consider it to no
longer be of concern?  

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