[ RadSafe ] Fwd: ruling out uranium vapor with x-rays

Roger Helbig rhelbig at california.com
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Mr James Salsman, Mountain View, California, aka Dave Blaine has already wasted perhaps a hundred thousand or more of your tax payer dollars in his complaints to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  The ADAMS system when queried using "James Salsman" yielded 122 different documents.  I am going to post the messages with links to these documents as well as the Doug Rokke's 23 documents and those pertaining to Leuren Moret (who had only 4 documents!, yet she is the self-proclaimed international expert on DU) to the messages section of DUStory so that anyone may read and access them.  This had to have cost us taxpayers more than a pretty penny, there were reports made for him, experts brought from different agencies, teleconferencing charges so that he would not be inconvenienced in Mountain View and a Court Reporter along with the members of the Commission itself and their staff.  You will find it interesting reading.

Roger Helbig

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Thank you for your thoughtful reply

James Salsman, as Dave Blain

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