[ RadSafe ] Radiography Camera Lost Out of a Truck

Luke McCormick mccormickl at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 25 05:40:35 CDT 2008

All these agencies play together (though not always). When one has a problem, we all notify each other to try to solve the problem. e.g. TX rad health found a source, DHS ID'ed it, Navy owned it,  DOD disposed of it.Luke McCormick

> Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 19:34:56 -0600> To: radsafe at radlab.nl> From: sjd at swcp.com> Subject: Re: [ RadSafe ] Radiography Camera Lost Out of a Truck> CC: GeigerCounterEnthusiasts at yahoogroups.com> > April 24> > Other than DHS (presumably a Texas agency) and DOE, why were any > of these agencies notified? Why would the US Dept. of Agriculature have to > be notified that a rad source is missing? The paranoia is being piled on > rather deep here, isn't it?> > Steven Dapra> > > At 02:20 AM 4/24/08 -0700, Roger Helbig wrote:> > [large edit]> > >*** UPDATE FROM TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH (JISHA) TO HOWIE CROUCH AT 0743> >ON 12/04/07 ***> >> >The SPEC 150 radiography camera was recovered at 0633 CST. A member of the> >public found the camera and placed it in the back of his private vehicle.> >Upon hearing about the lost source on the local news this morning, the> >citizen turned the camera over to the Fort Worth Fire Department. The camera> >appears intact and undamaged. Texas Department of Health is responding to> >the fire department to conduct a survey and inspection of the camera. No> >overexposures are expected.> >> >Notified DHS (Haselton), DOE (Parsons), FEMA (Burckart), USDA (Watts), HHS> >(Garcia), EPA (Johnson), Mexico (via email), NORTHCOM (via email), R4DO> >(Hay), FSME EO (Burgess) and ILTAB (Sandler).> > [edit]> > > _______________________________________________> You are currently subscribed to the RadSafe mailing list> > Before posting a message to RadSafe be sure to have read and understood the RadSafe rules. These can be found at: http://radlab.nl/radsafe/radsaferules.html> > For information on how to subscribe or unsubscribe and other settings visit: http://radlab.nl/radsafe/
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