[ RadSafe ] Radiography Camera Lost Out of a Truck

Roger Helbig rhelbig at california.com
Sat Apr 26 06:03:40 CDT 2008

The only part that to me was paranoia is that the TV stations laid it on
depleted uranium, the shielding material for the very potentially hazardous,
if unshielded, Level 2 source inside.  I want the TV stations to learn that
DU protects people from deadly radiation in these cases and not to
concentrate on DU.  The original story went around the anti-DU crusader
internet lists in a very short time period.

Roger Helbig

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April 25

         Are they trying to solve the problem, or are they swaggering 
around giving orders and showing off their vast and dangerous power?  Or 
are they merely tripping over each other?  Too many cooks spoil the broth . 
. . .

Steven Dapra

At 05:40 AM 4/25/08 -0500, Luke McCormick wrote:
>All these agencies play together (though not always). When one has a 
>problem, we all notify each other to try to solve the problem. e.g. TX rad 
>health found a source, DHS ID'ed it, Navy owned it,  DOD disposed of 
>it.Luke McCormick
> > Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 19:34:56 -0600> To: radsafe at radlab.nl> From: 
> sjd at swcp.com> Subject: Re: [ RadSafe ] Radiography Camera Lost Out of a 
> Truck> CC: GeigerCounterEnthusiasts at yahoogroups.com> > April 24> > Other 
> than DHS (presumably a Texas agency) and DOE, why were any > of these 
> agencies notified? Why would the US Dept. of Agriculature have to > be 
> notified that a rad source is missing? The paranoia is being piled on > 
> rather deep here, isn't it?> > Steven Dapra> > > At 02:20 AM 4/24/08 
> -0700, Roger Helbig wrote:> > [large edit]> > >*** UPDATE FROM TEXAS 
> ***> >> >The SPEC 150 radiography camera was recovered at 0633 CST. A 
> member of the> >public found the camera and placed it in the back of his 
> private vehicle.> >Upon hearing about the lost source on the local news 
> this morning, the> >citizen turned the camera over to the Fort Worth Fire 
> Department. The camera> >appears intact and undamaged. Texas Department 
> of Health is responding to> >the fire department to conduct a survey and 
> inspection of the camera. No> >overexposures are expected.> >> >Notified 
> DHS (Haselton), DOE (Parsons), FEMA (Burckart), USDA (Watts), 
> HHS> >(Garcia), EPA (Johnson), Mexico (via email), NORTHCOM (via email), 
> R4DO> >(Hay), FSME EO (Burgess) and ILTAB (Sandler).> > [edit]> > >

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