[ RadSafe ] Fwd: ruling out uranium vapor with x-rays

Peterson, Ken KPeterson at MarinetteMarine.com
Tue Apr 29 08:20:26 CDT 2008

Not exactly.  I believe the Navy DARPA Railgun project is considering
some percentage of DU in the kinetic energy projectiles, although again,
if you get hit with a 64MJ KE weapon, breathing a suspect teratogen is
the least of your worries.

Ken Peterson

"Attacking the children of combatants is illegal, and is a serious war
crime.  Tungsten is preferable, even if it does have more shrapnel
cancers (one of many ways people die in wars.) The U.S. Navy switched to
tungsten around 1993 under John Taschner's direction.
Their Toxicology Detachment publhjicly recognized the genotoxic and
teratogenic nature of DU as early as 1998."

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